Truth behind Sacrifice

Easter is about SacrificeSacrifice

Jesus may have sacrificed his life for the sins of humanity, but in today’s world are we taking this honourable act too far?

There seems to be a trend that if you sacrifice yourself, you are on a noble quest, but are you really?

Is working to the detriment of your own free time and sanity a badge of honour or just a ridiculous hangover from a previous century?

Why are you so clever and important if you are working all the time? Isn’t technology meant to make our lives easier? Doesn’t that make you stupid…

What are you really sacrificing?

I say away with this debilitating rhetoric. Research shows that working longer doesn’t necessarily mean a better outcome, in fact it can cause the opposite.  If you want to be a martyr, be my guest, but I certainly don’t intend to give the best hours of my day to an unhappy pursuit and in essence neither should you!

Working 16 hour days is not the most effective use of your time. It’s high time to stared working smarter, so you stop sacrificing your life for your business. It’s time to create a clear vision about your personal and business goals.

The Road Map

I’m certainly not saying don’t work hard, I’m saying put your effort into the most productive activities! It might be fashionable to complain about work, but wouldn’t you rather have a business that is a positive part of your life? Do you really want to keep up with the Jones’ on the moaning front!

Get back to the basics and ask yourself why! It’s my favourite question and you really can’t ask it enough. Why did you start your business? Why do you do what you do? Why are you selling that particular product or service? Why do you clients love it? Why won’t your clients buy it? Why can’t you take a holiday?

Know your Why

It is hard to be happy in this day and age let alone admit it! You’re not respectable if you’re not suffering. You mustn’t be working hard enough! Do you really want to be a trend follower?


Why not be a trendsetter and figured out your purpose, so you can set yourself apart and start to create your own goals. I can’t stress enough that your business and personal goals need to work in unison otherwise you will just keep on sacrificing and compromising.

Clarity will enable you to remove sacrifice and add purposeful action to your life and business. You might even have to tell people that work is great! Now there’s a scary thought!

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