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Olympic Dreams


It all began with a dream A tear of absolute pride rolls down my cheek as my countries flag is slowly hoisted to the lofty heart-warming sounds of the national anthem! Any given Games it’s always the same, they dreamed a dream and I witnessed them fulfil it! Magic It doesn’t matter where you are […]

Inspirational People – Leonie Marks

Innovative Women Series I’ve decided to interview inspirational and interesting people to discover their thoughts and feelings on effective communication and its importance in their business and life. It’s also a way for me to meet some of my heros, but more about that later. Every Tuesday, you’ll find a new video to inspire you […]

Part 1 of Dream – Plan – Act

Be the inspiration in your own life. Life is short, regret is not an option!

Dream – Plan – Act How to create your own unique vision and execute it with confidence starts with dreaming a little dream…no strike that, dreaming a hugely outrageous fantastical dream! Having never had much problem using my imagination to creative ends, I am quite astounded by how often I hear “I don’t really love […]