Luck has a Little Bit to do with it!

Is it luck or planning?Gold

With St Patrick’s Day yesterday it made me think about luck! Have you ever know people who it seems that everything they touch turns to gold?

While some seem to have an uncanny knack of winning raffles and backing the right horse, when it comes to business it’s less about luck and more about planning. If you look at people who are successful in business, they have an undying belief in themselves and their concept. Failure is not an options and giving up never crossed their mind. They are open to the possibilities that will bring their dream to life.

It is amazing how the more you focus on you goals, the more you actually talk about them and the more chance you’ll be in the right place at the right time for that lucky opportunity. It’s also about being open, opportunities can come from the strangest places!

Flexibility is the key!

Knowing the goal is one thing, sometimes getting to it takes a few twists and turns that you weren’t expecting, but knowing where you are heading is imperative. The plan makes all the difference.

What is luck?

LuckMy definition of luck is being open to opportunities as they arise! Check out Jonathon Fields article where he talks about Wiseman’s survey of lucky and unlucky people. It’s quite enlightening!

So while luck may have a little bit to do with it, it’s mainly about your attitude.  So tell me are you the glass half full or half empty type?


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