How to Find your Ideal Clients

It’s hard to know where to look if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for!

Find your ideal client

The first thing you need to do is to define your ideal client. Create a detailed profile, because the more you know the easier it is to work out what they want and how to give it to them.

It’s about narrowing your niche

This is not rocket science and yes narrowing your niche sounds scary and you may miss out on a few customers that don’t really fit with what you are offering. It will be ok, because instead of wasting your time and energy on manoeuvring to accommodate the few, you will have more time to focus and give better service to the hordes of clients that are perfect for you.

It’s like buying a hatHats

If someone asked you to buy them a hat you are likely to have a conniption trying to work out which one to buy as there are so many different sorts.

HatYou would want to know the colour, size and purpose: is it for keeping the sun off or keeping their head warm? There would be thoughts of trend and not to mention material. Now reconsider if that same person said “Could you please buy me a medium size, red, baseball cap with a black peak and no logo?”

You now have a very specific product, so it will be simple once you are at the shop to sort through the ones you don’t want to find the oneHat you do want. Finding clients is the same, you need to define and describe them so that you know where to look for them and how to sort out those that don’t match.

Create your Client Avatar

It’s time to get really focused; who are you aiming your product or service at! The answer can’t be everybody. It’s not feasible! Think about their age, gender, marital status, if they have children, where they live, where they work, where they socialise. You’ll want to be clear on their spending capacity, how much must they earn to afford your services? Then the most important point, what is the problem that you can solve for them? What need can you fulfil?

The best way to get really focused is to give them a name, think of this avatar as a really person. You can base them on one of you favourite clients, in fact I urge you to. If you need a little help here’s my Ideal Client Resource from my Business Planning Blueprint Program.

Button_BusFireSessionLet’s face it some client’s make us cringe because they are such hard work and a drain on our energy. Wouldn’t you prefer they go and visit your competitor and be a drain on their resources and not yours?

If you want to know more about finding your ideal client, narrowing your niche and getting a plan in place to build a thriving business, then check out my services here.

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