Building Unbreakable Bonds with Clients

Finding the Love

Just as a parent has unbreakable bonds with their children, you can build unbreakable bonds with your clients. Your clients need to be your best fans, raving fans in fact. If you are clear about your ideal client and what they want, you can start to build these unbreakable bonds, because they will reciprocate. You are the ideal provider of the service or product your ideal client requires. It’s a love-fest!

Ideal Client

You really can’t be everything to everybody. It’s just not feasible and you’ll spend all of your time running around putting out fires instead of focusing on what is important. I often hear clients say, “…but everyone is a possible client…” all I can say is BUT NO!

If you really think about it, you already know who you like to work with and who you do not like to work with! You know, when your mobile rings and you see that number that makes your face screw up. You have to prepare yourself, take a deep breath and finally make the decision to press the answer button rather than let it go through to voice mail. These are the clients that take up all of your time, rarely pay on time and always want things you don’t really offer.


It’s the good old 80/20 rule! Wouldn’t you rather spend your time with clients that make you smile when they call and give you energy rather than steal it. Let your opposition deal with the time wasters so you can better serve the clients that serve you. You’ll see the financial benefits as well.

Ask them

If you win them on price you will lose them on price, create value, fix their burning issue and price becomes irrelevant. The best way to find out how to better serve your ideal clients and find more of them is to ask them. Most clients will be happy to give you feedback, create a survey and send it to your list. Think about one of your current clients, who you love to work with and ask if you can do a more in depth interview. Ask them why they chose you, what you could do even better and what is missing. If they give you some great feedback don’t forget to ask for their permission to use it as a testimonial in your marketing material.


Finding your Ideal Client Resource

It is a little scary to take everyone off your list of possible clients, but it is imperative to your success that you narrow your niche! If you need help narrowing in on your ideal client, here’s a free resource I designed just for you!


Let me know how you go with narrowing your niche and finding your ideal client in the comments or pop over and drop me a line on my Facebook page.

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