Performance is Everything

04 March

You don’t win an Oscar with a so-so Performance And you won’t win any friend or clients in business either! Performance is everything. Even though all of the actors nominated for an Oscar where brilliant in their own right, there can only be one winner. You need to make sure you stand out from the […]

Busy v Priority

18 February

Busy is Worn as a Badge of Honour These days busy is worn as a badge of honour and has become the catch cry to inflate self-importance, but you don’t fool me! When you tell me you’ve been too busy to answer or complete a task, what you are really saying is that it’s not […]

Olympic Dreams

11 February

It all began with a dream A tear of absolute pride rolls down my cheek as my countries flag is slowly hoisted to the lofty heart-warming sounds of the national anthem! Any given Games it’s always the same, they dreamed a dream and I witnessed them fulfil it! Magic It doesn’t matter where you are […]

Your Business is Not Unique

08 August

The Accepted Business Principles work for everyone! The assumption many of my clients have on day one is that their business is so unique that accepted business principles won’t work for them, even as their business is failing! The common catch cry is “you may know about X type of business, but you don’t understand […]

Business Reincarnation

28 March
Easter Eggs

What are you sacrificing for your sins? Why not use the Easter break to give your business an overhaul, let it be reborn with more focus and a plan of action. Stop forfeiting your sanity for your business sins! Is your business running you? If it feels like your business is running you and you […]