Survey for Better Business

05 June
Ask the Question

The Why & the How of Surveys Communicating with clients and staff is so important to gauge if you are heading in the right direction. Your clients will tell you if you are meeting their needs and your staff will tell you what works and what is a barrier to their productivity. This is vital […]

Are you Fooling Yourself about the Figures?

01 April
April Fool

Being an April Fool is no laughing matter! Are you taking the monkey’s approach of hear no evil, see no evil or perhaps you are doing an ostrich, burying your head in the sand? Maybe you just relish ignorance being bliss! Whichever approach you are taking, it won’t make the problems go away! The biggest […]

Luck has a Little Bit to do with it!

18 March

Is it luck or planning? With St Patrick’s Day yesterday it made me think about luck! Have you ever know people who it seems that everything they touch turns to gold? While some seem to have an uncanny knack of winning raffles and backing the right horse, when it comes to business it’s less about […]