2009, where it all began…

I woke up one Sunday and thought “Is this it?”

The answer was clear, so I walked into my corporate HR job the next day and resigned! Thus Productive Resourcing was born and with over 10 years’ experience in adult education and organisational development, both nationally and internationally, I knew I had a concept to help others and myself at the same time.

Two things have fascinated me all of my life.

The first is language. Words are truly an art form, interpretation is the key. The second is people. What an inspirational, crazy, entertaining species we are!

Together they form my passion for helping entrepreneurs thrive in life and work! For me it is all about mastering your message, both internally and externally as well as personally and professionally. It’s the only way to build a thriving business to support your chosen lifestyle.

Communication or lack thereof creates or kills business success.

I’ve created a short video to share with you my vision of how you too can thrive in life and work!

So join me and let’s get productive!

Why Productive Resourcing?

When I first decided to start my own company, I tried to come up with a name that would encompass my mission, which is to give entrepreneurs the skills they need to ask for, action and achieve their goals and/or wildest dreams through their business! Being born with a fantastic imagination (thanks Mum & Dad) I know that my dreams are important, if not imperative to surviving this life!

There was so much brainstorming and checking if the wonderfully unique names I thought of were in fact unique at all! The concepts I kept coming back to were – being productive, making the most of every moment, living life to the max and then being a resource for others, as well as the idea that people are the most important resource we have.

It’s about finding and utilising your most productive resource!Subscribe to Thrive! newsletter

If you haven’t worked it out yet, it’s you!

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We can work together!

Productive Coaching

Work with me exclusively to create a thriving business.

It starts with getting focused on your internal and external messages, including:

  • Vision building & Business planning
  • Streamlining Systems & Improving Processes
  • Targeted Training & Staff Happiness

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Workshops & Courses

Target the three key areas of your business: the Plan, the Path and the Message with face-to-face or online workshops.

Spread your network through a mixed group or keep it in house. The choice is yours!

  • The Practical Business Planning BluePrint
  • Your Accountablilty Partner
  • Master Your Message

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Need a fabulous speaker who will push your audience’s boundaries, while entertaining and educating them with a quirky sense of humor? I’m your gal!

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Thrive in Life & WorkGet your head in the right space to take your business to the next level.

I have to warn you, you’ll stop making excuses and actually start living the life you secretly dream about!

Before you tackle your businss you need to work out your personal vision.

Here you’ll find 10 information packed chapters with practical exercises that will set you up to thrive in life and work.

This book is the beginning of your path to a productive life and business.

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