2 Must-Reads for 2014

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I’ve been really focused on enabling you all to feel more comfortable about your finances both in my own articles and guest posts last week. I hope you have found my free tools useful and have set about to take control of your financial position.

Don’t forget to develop your own Skills

If you have felt that your skills were lacking in the area of financial management I hope you have taken it upon yourself to enrol in some training or engage the services of a professional who can help you understand this side of your business.

The truth is as entrepreneurs we often forget about professional development. We forget to invest in ourselves as part of our overall business strategy. Most of the time it’s because we don’t value ourselves enough to spend the money.

Inexpensive Professional Development

If you are struggling to find the money to put yourself through a training course, then why not pick up a book and read it! It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to improve skills and gain insight.

In my post on Business Boss this week I wrote about my top 5 reads for 2014. I would like to expand on two of them in more detail here as I think they are the books that will be of most benefit to you.

I am proud to call both of the authors of these books friends and mentors. This is why I have read the books, but I recommend them because they are both filled with practical actionable advice.

She Takes on the World

She Takes on the World by Natalie MacNeil

A guide to being your own boss, working happy and living on purpose

This book is like your own mini-course in creating a meaningful business or in my words learning how to thrive in life and work!

Natalie’s Master Action Plan is ingenious and I use it in my business. Throughout each chapter you will also find lessons and confessions from real women entrepreneurs at different stages of their business. Plus dotted with in the book are Natalie’s Gems and this feature is a gold mine of resources.

You’ll be completely entertained as you complete the exercises and learn new skills to help you to become an absolute success. This book will ignite your fire of passion for what you do.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

The Suitcase Entrepreneur by Natalie Sisson

Create freedom in business and adventure in life

When I first found Natalie Sisson on line I realized that I was not alone in my pursuit of creating a location independent business. I had quit my corporate job to create flexibility and mobility in my work and Natalie’s Suitcase Entrepreneur blog encouraged me every step of the way.

Even if you do not wish to be completely mobile, this book will show you the way to utilise technology in a more productive way and as you know productivity is my mojo!

This book is packed full of practical advice that will enable you to set yourself up with more freedom, more flexibility and more time to do and create what you love.

If you are not ready for the whole-hog, you will certainly find ways to be a part-time ‘suitcase entrepreneur’.

Get started today!

Enrol yourself in your own professional development course by purposefully reading a book. You can create a more productive, meaningful and inspiring business. Set up your training schedule by diarising each chapter and then create actions for your business from what you have learnt.

Invest in your own future now! Buy one or both of these books today:

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