2 Health Practices for a Thriving Business

You can’t run a thriving business if you’re just surviving!

It’s time to look at ourselves as business owners and what we are really sacrificing when we let our businesses take over. Busy doesn’t equal a thriving business, but being productive and effective does and it’s actually good for your health!

Continually burning the candle at both ends won’t improve your productivity, in fact it will have just the opposite effect.

While society seems happy to regard someone who puts in long hours a good hard worker, don’t be hoodwinked by this productivity myth. You are really just kidding yourself and you don’t have to take my word for it, there are numerous studies that prove it.

Just 2 Things

It takes 21 days to create a new habit or so the story goes, in fact it can take up to two months or longer depending on the complexity of the habit.

However long it takes you, I have found that focusing on the following two things makes all the difference to my health and wellbeing, which enables me to be more effective in my business.

Thriving FocusMeditation

I didn’t think I could meditate! My mind never shuts up or off, but I do have an unconscious ritual of vague-ing out and daydreaming. This, I realised was my personal form of meditation and it did quieten my mind to allow the ideas to bubble more slowly.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and boosts your immune system.

If you are like me, then you might like guided meditation. I do it every morning when I wake up, I have different meditation tracks stored in my phone. It’s easy and accessible, great for habit forming. I’m really into Natalie MacNeil’s The Conquer Meditations right now.


If you groan just by reading the word, then you haven’t found the one that is right for you!

I’m no gym junkie, but there are some forms of exercise I really enjoy. I’ve always been a fish when it comes to water, probably growing up in Australia and needing relief from our hot summers helped, but I really enjoy swimming laps. Walking with a friend is also fun, plus you have the accountability of not letting them down. I tried kick boxing a few years ago and absolutely loved it! Who knew I would love to pummel a boxing bag to a pulp!

Try something new, Pilates, yoga, even a dance lesson. Find something you enjoy and it will be much easier to make it a habit.

Mental and Physical Health


If you truly want to create a thriving business, take time out of the day to day running of your business to focus on your mental and physical health. You won’t believe how much more energy it will give you to pour back into your work.

Let me know how you go with your habit forming in the Comments below or on my Facebook page.

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